Surrey-Based Experts in Durable Wood Flooring

At Ashley Flooring Ltd, we provide excellent wood flooring to customers across Surrey. We have a wide range of options available, with finishes, lengths, and thicknesses to suit all tastes. Our eco-friendly flooring is incredibly popular, and we’re the number one choice for many when it comes to this type of flooring. Call us today to make an enquiry.

A room with wood flooring.

The Eco-Friendly Wood Option

Unlike deforestation where the trees are burnt and the harmful carbon emissions let into the atmosphere, the trees harvested for wood flooring are processed and installed into homes. This means that the carbon absorbed by the tree never escapes into the atmosphere. Once installed there should not be any necessity to change or renew. Wood flooring is easy to keep clean and if maintained well it lasts a life time.

Instead of being replaced, a worn floor can eventually be refinished and rejuvenated. Wood replaces carbon-hungry alternatives such as plastic, metal, ceramics, and concretes. These materials require a large amount of energy during production, meaning that the production of wood is comparably efficient. This gives wood products an overall lower carbon footprint.

Looking after Your Home

Before we proceed to fit any of these products we do a full check of the area that it will be installed in. This allows us to check for damp situations. If a problem arises, we take care of the necessary damp proofing and floor levelling work, ensuring trouble-free life for your chosen product.

For further information on our eco-friendly wood flooring, CALL US, in Surrey.