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With more than 14 years in the flooring industry, Ashley Flooring Ltd have witnessed a great number of changes but there is still nothing to beat the feeling of returning home and seeing a great quality carpet in your home. We can provide carpets for every room in your property or home so if you are looking for any advice about which carpet would be right for you, we are more than happy to help.

Customer service has always been a big factor for us and we know that there can be some difficult decisions to make regarding getting the right carpet for your property. We are proud to offer a wide range of carpeting solutions and if you would like any advice, our carpets Kingston team will be happy to talk you the pros and cons of all of the different carpets we sell. We also provide carpet tiles, which are very much in trend at the present time, so if you would like advice on this style of carpet product, please let us know.

Aside from providing you with a great range of carpets to choose from, our carpets in Kingston services include installation and we can even remove and safely dispose of your old carpet if you wish. This is an optional service but if you have no plans for your carpet and are keen to have it removed from your home as quickly as possible, just let us know and our team will remove it when we leave.

Carpets Kingston
Carpets in Kingston